Advantages of Web Videos

July 13, 2015
by admin

What are the Advantages of Web Videos?

Online marketing is a dynamic process with methods and techniques always changing to gain extra advantage. The use of Web videos is the latest entry in this marketing mix and has proven to be effective on all fronts. The using of the videos is no longer a luxury left for the companies with big budgets or studios. Technology has brought the whole in studio in your PC. You can have a story written and an animation video created and presented to your audience within a budget you are able to afford. There are many advantages afforded by the use of these videos in your online efforts and the following are some reasons why you should include it.


To increase your rankings in search engines:
While having all the other SEO techniques will take you a long way up in the search engines rankings, with a video on YouTube which is owned by Google, your site has a 53 times higher chance of making it on the front page of Google. This is a high return from a simple investment. On YouTube, you can also optimise the video in description and also the keywords tags by using keywords relevant in your business.

To increase your rates of conversion:
At the end of the day, what matters is whether you get to convince your site visitors to turn into customers. This is why conversion rates are very important and also why you should use animated videos. This is because, 64%-85% of web users are more likely to buy a product or service after they have watched a video of the product or service you are offering. They also tend to stay longer on the website with the average time being two minutes longer while they are engaged in your video.

Convenience and sustainability:
The use of an Web video grants you the advantage of convenience. It is affordable, can be made in a moments short notice and it doesn’t need to be long to get the message across. The fact that you can change it depending on the demands of the campaign, scale it up or down and even replace it makes this method very sustainable even for extended campaign periods.

Videos can be used with any product as they make use of the powerful mix of motion, text, music, pictures and voice to pass on a message. This makes them appealing and convincing hence very effective. They are able to break down a complex aspect or function in a simple, funny and easy to understanding way. They also work whether you are using them for a service or product demonstration or description. Finally, the use of these kinds of videos offers great reach. Research shows that over half of the people who see a video on your site are likely to pass it on. This increases the chances of the video going viral and also increasing your product’s visibility.


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