Important Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Businesses

If your business is not on social media, chances are it is going to get extinct in some time. Social media marketing plays such a crucial role in progressing and establishing a business these days that only a fool might not take its advantages. It is the ultimate level of marketing because you can target the maximum amount of audiences in different age groups, ethnicities, and different social classes. But how would you do that? That’s when the expertise of digital marketing agencies comes in. Because no matter how much you know about social media, marketing on it is a whole new ball game. With different social media sites now, these digital marketing agencies give your business the required boost through smart marketing. From which your businesses have the maximum amount of reach. But do you know how different and how many kinds of social marketing are there? Well, they are below, so have a look:

Facebook Marketing

What is the most common thing about us today? We might scroll through Facebook numerous times a day in between things. We might not chat or talk much on it but one thing is for sure that we will be active on it, scrolling through memes and stuff.

Even now it has become such a prolific platform that most people get their news from there because if anything major happens anywhere it goes viral on Facebook in a matter of minutes.

That is why Facebook marketing is very essential for your business or brand because of:

  • To increase visibility of a business or a product
  • Making a brand out of new business
  • Possibility of going viral which is very beneficial
  • Boosting the posts for maximum reach
  • Targeting the audience according to the brand
Facebook Logo

YouTube Marketing

As much as Facebook is affective for marketing, it does have its limitations. Whereas YouTube is more global. With the help of digital marketing agencies, you can create original content and reach consumers on a big scale all around the world. YouTube has its own audience and they are really loyal to it that’s why it is growing rapidly every day and is a great place to market.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is perhaps the best platform for social media marketing these days. You wonder why? Well If you are an active user of social media, you will know the term “social media influencer”. If not let me tell you about it. Instagram has become a hub of independent content creation like:

  • Photography profiles
  • Lifestyle Bloggers
  • Food Blogs
  • Makeup Profiles
  • Videography Profiles
  • Event Managers
  • Tours and travel
  • New startups

A lot of these talented individuals have gathered a large amount of audience from their work and are called social media influencers.

This is due to Instagram where anyone can create or upload something of his without the pressure being judged or to go an office or something to work. And now big brands are collaborating with these new kids on the block to promote their products and services which is the epitome of Instagram marketing.

LinkedIn Marketing

We help you promote your brand on LinkedIn as well to target the top professionals through some smart ads and marketing which can reach all around the globe.

Twitter/LinkedIn Marketing

Another leading platforms of social media for the top professionals and celebrities. Almost every celebrity today is using twitter and every professional or a businessman is on LinkedIn.  These are the platforms where you need to market your business in a more professional manner but they have their own unique and large consumers too.

Try posting an ad for recruitment on LinkedIn and see how many responses you get, that tends to show people are waiting for an opportunity every day and are very active on these platforms, hence one needs to market its product with keeping this in mind. That’s where digital agencies come in handy and have more technical knowledge of it.


So hence every social media platform offers something different and unique with various target markets. But one thing is common in those, they all have huge audiences and especially those who want everything on their phone so why not give them the best advertisements of your businesses and grow your business or services. But the trick is to choose one major platform for your business’s digital and social media marketing depends on the type of business you have and keep that in sync with the target audiences of the social media platforms.

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What is Digital Marketing is all about?

When we hear about Digital marketing, we perhaps think about it as a phenomenon that was perhaps created in the 21st century. But that might not be so true, the term “Digital Marketing” might be introduced recently but this marketing is as old as almost 100 years. Now you might be surprised that how can that be, but wait let me define what digital marketing is and what is it all about.

What Is Digital Marketing?

It is advertising which is done using digital channels like mobile applications, email, social media, websites but not only just that, if done with any electronic devices like TV, Radio or phone and many more, it is considered as digital marketing. Now did you know that? I bet you didn’t.

Now did You Know That Digital

marketing is divided into two categories?

Well yes and here they are:

  • Online marketing

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  2. Search engine marketing (SEM)
  3. Content marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  5. Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
  6. Affiliate marketing
  7. Email marketing
  • Offline marketing

  1. Enhanced offline marketing
  2. Radio marketing
  3. TV marketing
  4. Phone marketing

Earlier Means of Digital Marketing

And the Ad agencies are constantly using this means of advertising for quite some time now. Earlier it used to be done more through the channels of radio, billboards, and Tv. On which the advertisements used to air day and night which most of us remember from our childhood I am sure. These ads and commercials were the epitomai of advertising at that time.

Brands and companies used to pay a heavy amount to get the prime-time slots for their ads which was based on the popularity of Tv programs and shows of the Tv channels. It is still a profitable means of advertisement. Still, a lot of brands want their commercial to be seen on the Tv, doesn’t matter how random the audience they are getting for their product.

New Dynamics in Digital Marketing

But now the dynamics have changed because of the internet and social media. Now the advertising and digital marketing rely more on the target market and specifics rather than targeting vaguely everyone.

Now it has become more content based on the help of SEOs and keywords. Where digital marketing of advertisements of companies, brands website and social media page’s content is done in such a way that even a laymen social media user sees it first.

With the advanced algorithms of social media and Google, now it narrows down the target market that you desire.

And that’s where the digital marketing agencies come in handy to extract the maximum advantages and benefits for the brands and companies.


In the past decade, digital marketing agencies have changed the whole dynamic and the way of thinking in the advertisement industry. With more and more business rapidly growing and revamping themselves, digital marketing is on the rise and will be for a long time. If you are a business or a brand owner or have some product whether small or big, you need to understand the tactics of digital marketing and get benefited from it.

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Why B2B Businesses in Pakistan Must Invest In Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is at a place where it is getting hard to overlook it. There are so many businesses worldwide that have adapted to the digital evolution and paced along with the technology. Online marketing is one element of this new progress, leveraging web-based channels to highlight its name and identity. Moreover, it also a vital tool to spread knowledge regarding the company’s objective to potential customers and businesses. It is highly important for both b2b and b2c industries.

What Is B2B & B2C

Online Marketing?

B2b stands for business to online business marketing, and similarly, B2c is an acronym used for Business-to-consumer. In business to business marketing, all the exchange of information, product, and services, all the e-commerce activities are conducted between two or more enterprises and businesses connect with a business.

There is a massive boost present in the operations to be 2 be businesses in today’s era. Entities are more likely to be found categorized in the following businesses.

  • Procurement exchanges and supply of products
  • Vertical or specialized industry portals.
  • Websites for Companies
  • Brokering sites
  • Information sites
  • B2B software site-building

Every possible niche has required some sort of backbone, and in this case, it is digital marketing.

Why Is Digital Marketing

Important For B2b Customers?

In the time of globalization, where the business is not limiting their target audience within the geographical boundaries, competition is getting intense even if you have not envisioned yourself interacting with your customers through social media, and then it’s okay.

However, you must know the importance of digital marketing and its impact on your business. If the business to business marketing strategies and campaigns are executed properly, businesses can gain some high-end benefits.

Brand Awareness

If you are new to B2B, then there is a high chance that people still don’t know you. And digital marketing can be the best fit to fill up this gap for you. With the help of strong branding and consistent connections with your target audience, you can create awareness of your brand.

Added Opportunities

If you are new to B2B, then there is a high chance that people still don’t know you. And digital marketing can be the best fit to fill up this gap for you. With the help of strong branding and consistent connections with your target audience, you can create awareness of your brand.

Word of Mouth

Social media is a vital platform where word of mouth works like wonders. People share what they like, plus the reviews, testimonials, collaborations, and business to business advertising help the brand build its worth.


The most outstanding element of the digital revolution is that it has liquidated the cost of marketing departments. Traditional marketing took way more investments than it is needed now. And every time you put a little value in digital marketing, you will get even more benefits then you expect.

How Can Digital Marketing

Benefit Pakistani B2B Customers?

In the business activities of Pakistan, there has been a massive increase in digitalization. By becoming one of the primary countries known as the digital services hub globally, there is much business to business examples and significant benefits attached to it.

  • There are highly skilled digital marketers available in Pakistan an Artx Pro tops the list. Businesses can utilize their efforts to take their marketing game to another level.
  • There is a considerable scope for the business to work on their online visibility and gain a competitive edge over everyone else.
  • Cost is considered the utmost benefit that makes digital marketing more suitable for Pakistani businesses, in comparison to other countries, it is highly affordable.
  • The profit rate for the business to business companies are much higher when it comes to digital marketing services because of the currency exchange rate.

Reasons to Outsource Business

To Business Marketing

Digital marketing is a vast industry. It requires people with diverse expertise, from writers to graphic designers, social media managers, outreach specialists, and digital marketing experts themselves.

But with all the skills required, they also need to be able to cope with the ever-shifting digital landscape. Despite hiring the best team, you can be much smarter and save some of its money. And what better way to do it then to outsource business to business marketing?

  1. The most apparent reason to outsource business to business e-commerce and marketing specialists is that you will not have to pay a dedicated amount to that person for a long time. It will cut all your training, retaining, and compensating cost as well.
  2. Your B2B relationships will improve as you will connect with various experts from different walks of life.
  3. When you match an expert’s price point and expertise level, it is hard to hire someone at an affordable cost. So with outsourcing, you will be able to manage your price point budget with the required experience.

The Bottom Line

If you are thinking about growing your business and amplifying your businesses’ need to connect with business clients in a significant way, then try out the digital marketing actives. Your b2b business to business deserves to notch up its performance in the given time.

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