How To Create An Effective Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram has the potential to be a powerful forum for your brand’s marketing plan. A good Instagram strategy allows your brand to humanize the content, enroll new talent, showcase the products, and stimulate the audience.

How Do You Create A Strong

Marketing Strategy For Instagram?

You can’t the only post, sit back and watch the success to happen. It would be best if you layout an effective game plan to achieve your goals.

If your b2b company is not on Instagram, you are not way too far behind the curve.

Here is a complete guide to incorporate an effective marketing strategy to help your business boom in the market:

Determine Your Goals

The foremost step is to keep tangible business goals and objectives at the forefront to consume all the time and resources in the right direction. Write a list of targets to achieve, including:

  • Engaging community
  • Create brand awareness
  • And drive conversions.

Identify Your Audience

Remember that 68% of Instagram users are female, and most of them are below 30. Carrying out market research is vital to identify your audience. Determine your ideal audience’s age, gender, interests, location to make sure you cater to the content appropriately.

Analyze Your Competitor’s Strategies

When creating an Instagram marketing strategy, identify the big players of your industry, and run an audit test of the checklist below:

  • Their rate of engagement.
  • Do they respond to comments?
  • Commonly asked questions by the followers.
  • Which hashtags are they using?
  • The form of content they are using.
  • What is their call-to-action?

Formulate A Content Strategy

The most crucial step is to showcase your brand and to meet your objectives effectively. Content creation involves a considerable amount of resources, and weighing up of the following contents to reach your audience:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Stories
  • User-generated content

It helps you formulate a fail-proof strategy for the success of your brand.

Stay Consistent

Your business will rise and shine if you will stay recognizable and consistent. Give a professional and recognizable touch to your business profile. Never change the tone of your imagery; otherwise, you will end up straying your followers away.

Create Compelling Captions

Instead of unnecessarily stretching the captions, focus on creating short and sweet captions complemented by lots of compelling emojis. The key is to add value to your content rather than quantifying it.

Instagram Captions

Establish Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are crucial, mainly if you operate in a large team. In this step, you need to commute down the behavior/ activities and the following information about your company:

  • Type of content
  • Consistency of your posts
  • Hashtags
  • If the brand voice is formal or casual

Track Progress

Always keep testing, learning, and optimizing your content. Dedicate time in tracking the necessary metrics to know which content works best for you.

If you and your team need any help, you can hire Artx Pro to find any other useful steps in mapping this out!

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Why You Should Hire An Advertising Agency For Instagram Marketing

Thinking about working with a social media management agency but haven’t pulled the trigger yet? Perhaps you are still wondering if the return on investment is there. Listen! Hiring an advertising agency doesn’t mean you need help; or cannot do a bang-up job yourself. The many hidden reasons for bringing an advertising agency on board that often fly under the radar of businesses are listed below:

Agencies Know How to 

Stretch Your Budget

From creative to the minute details of time and budget, marketing on Instagram by yourself is a daunting task. On the other side, an agency worth their salt knows how to formulate and target advertising campaigns to gain a competitive edge in a crowded space.

Get Tuned Into Top-Performing


Social content is frequently evolving, and brands are supposed to keep up.

Nobody wants to be out-of-touch that is posting dead memes and ice bucket challenges in 2020.

Instead, you need to produce good content to absorb maximum likes and shares. When you hire a social media marketing agency, you are hiring the Instagram marketing experts whose job is to ride the waves of content and buzz at the right time. It helps your business to grow and reach more customers.

Preserve Time And Money

Many companies think it is useless to spend on hiring an advertising agency. They instead opt for in-house management for Instagram marketing, which involves making sacrifices somewhere.

On the flip side, agencies offer the proverbial “full package.” It means you have professional writers, designers, and other geniuses on a deck that work to grab undivided attention towards your brand.

Get Expert Advice

Many times brands get stuck into their own “bubble” and run into social media crises.

In such situations, Hubspot Instagram comes to rescue. Its experts with their out-of-the-box ideas help you develop a stronger brand voice and identity. It is a highly effective way to reach new audiences and increase brand awareness to promote conversions.

Boosts Your Team’s Social

Media Skills

Working with a social media agency is a full-time learning process. While communicating back-and-forth, your team is empowered to evolve new ideas and strategies. And hash out what successful social media management looks like in-person.

Around The Clock Support

Advertising agencies provide you peace of mind with around-the-clock technical support. Such companies have a roster of on-call professionals, who are always there for technical advice and other marketing campaigns. It’s a fantastic opportunity to work with a social media agency.

Parting Words

The Instagram ad agency is not just about posting content frequently and leads conversions. A skilled agency provides excellent tools, expert insight, support, and a fail-proof strategy to prosper in the competitive market. If you struggle to get the expected ROI, why not talk to a team of experts that have walked the walk! Feel free to connect with us today and see what we can do for you!

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10 Powerful Instagram Marketing Tips You Must Know

Instagram has dominated the social media world for years. It’s the go-to place for sharing images, with over 800 million monthly users. Billions of likes are granted each day, and you need to scoop your share out of this. These top Instagram marketing tips are immensely crucial, whether you are just getting started or already a seasoned pro.

Make Your Instagram Business Profile

Switch to an Instagram Business Profile before diving into the rest of the tips. A creator account has its benefits for content creators and influencers, including:

  • Instagram insights
  • Instagram shopping
  • Instagram Ads
  • Contact details and a call-to-action link on your profile.

Make Your Instagram Business Profile

Switch to an Instagram Business Profile before diving into the rest of the tips. A creator account has its benefits for content creators and influencers, including:

  • Instagram insights
  • Instagram shopping
  • Instagram Ads
  • Contact details and a call-to-action link on your profile.

Use Free Instagram Tools

Instagram has a suite of business tools that help you understand how users are interacting with your content. It includes profile insights, like impressions, profile views, reach, website clicks, email clicks, and call clicks.

Define Your Audience

Preliminary research can help you track metrics and define your audience. And when the audience is defined, relate to your followers while staying relevant to your brand.

Promote Your Insta Everywhere

You need to leverage this forum in the same way as you do your other social networks. Your Instagram icon should be added everywhere for connecting users to your social channels.

Optimize Your Profile

In just 150 words, your Instagram bio should be extraordinarily captivating to leave a significant impression. Showcase your brand personality, and tell people why they should start following you, this instant!

Choose The Right Profile Picture

Most brands use their logos for profile pictures. It adds credibility and enables visitors to see what you are at a glance. It should be either cropped or zoomed to fix it into the 110×110 pixels box.

Create Engaging Content

It is a visual medium, so your post should look compelling. The visual content needs to be captivating with great and related photos to get your viewers excited. Your pictures should be sharp, perfectly lit, well-focused, and composed, at a minimum.

Write Great Captions

True! Your brand’s voice is equally important as your brand’s look. Instagram captions can hold up to 22000 characters, but only the first two lines appear in the newsfeed without taping more. Since people tend to scan, you should put all the vital information in those two lines.

Use An Interactive Brand Hashtag

It is the key to enhance your visibility and discoverability. To ripe the rewards of hashtags, always use 5 to 9 hashtags in a post that are specific to your niches; otherwise, the content looks like a spammy tactic.

Partner With Influencers

The fastest way to reach potential customers on Instagram is to do that through influencers who have already built a great audience with a large following.

The Final Word

Instagram marketing 2020 is more competitive than Instagram marketing in 2019. These Instagram marketing tips should help you manage your Instagram presence along with social media forums. So dig your smartphone out of pocket and start napping pictures for every opportunity!

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