Importance of Social Media Marketing for Construction Industries

Social media is an ever-evolving landscape. On social media, every day is an opportunity to meet a new lead, engage with a client, learn about your audience’s buying journey, or even know your target audience better.

Social media strategies are more or less similar between builders, contractors, and remodelers. Because the construction industry is so visual, the same tactics and techniques apply. When used appropriately, social media can be your best sales tool!

What is social media marketing? 

Social media is the digital way to do what your company has been doing- get the word out. Social media marketing includes any kind of unpaid activity you do on social media platforms. If you post your blogs to Facebook or LinkedIn, or if you share some regular business updates on Twitter, this all comes under the umbrella of social media marketing.

Is social media marketing actually useful for construction companies? 

There is a reason more and more construction companies are using social media to market their products and services. Trust me, it works!

Social media is everywhere, and there is no chance of its going away anytime soon. Even if your company cannot drive the quality and quantity of leads you anticipated from social media, there are still plenty of objectives to keep up on social media networking platforms.

As social media is not disappearing anytime soon, and you need to tap into this free of cost opportunity for your business’s growth.

Why do social media matter for construction companies?

While social media may not feel prevalent for the construction industry, new stats reveal it is thriving, and industry leaders are hungry for opportunities to connect and engage. 

According to The Construction Marketing Association, 97% of construction professionals are active on social media.

Building your identity on social media channels helps your brand’s credibility and built trust with your customers. It is the best chance to step in and set up your social media game. It is the best platform to become a thought leader of your industry, grow awareness for your company, and draw new leads for your work team.

Your ideal buyer is on social media, but can social media drive results? 

It is crucial to remember that the same people that scroll through social media at their leisure to look at the cat video or popular meme are likely the same people that work as buyers, investors, finance professionals, etc. Social media for construction industries is vital to optimizing a positive brand perception. Creating online conversations builds free exposure, ensuring investors have made the right choice while injecting money into construction projects. A social newsfeed that shares:

  • Website content
  • Press releases
  • Creates brand identity and image
  • On-site projects
  • A consistent tone of voice
  • Job opportunities

It creates an engaging newsfeed and reassures the investors that the company is thriving and working in a positive direction. The social posts also have the advantages of grabbing a new audience’s attention for recruitment purposes, indicating the firm’s successful future.

Few out of many advantages are discussed below to understand the importance of social media marketing:

It humanizes your brand:

The point of social media is to exhibit what you can do and how you do it. It is a natural form of communication between consumers and businesses. Remember, people use social media for three reasons:

  • To connect with people.
  • To know and learn about something. What can you teach your viewers about your industry?
  • For entertainment- home walkthrough videos, time-lapse videos, and good photos-are great entertainment content.

Relatable content is the key to attract new audiences, and this type of content also helps you humanize your brand and shows your customers, your people, your pride, and your passion.

Social media generates trust and brand awareness:

Firstly, consumers need to know that your company exists and the best way to introduce yourself to share on social platforms. Social media marketing also enables you to establish your legitimacy as a home renovation contractor and can build trust with your consumers as a well-experienced builder. You can add the following practices for a successful social media marketing strategy:

  • Appear with your real name and contact info
  • Build legitimacy by sharing a real photo of the owner, the contractor, or director on your profile;
  • Develop your active brand profile with regular posts timely responses
  • Occasionally post personal stuff that has nothing to do with business

It gains more website traffic and leads:

Social media networks like Facebook allow you to post highly targeted social media advertisements with the appropriate target audience for your home building business. Your content also generates leads. Just keep sharing useful and authentic information.

Social media is the best platform to promote your content and engage consumers, ultimately resulting in your page’s SEO value. Announce free eBook download, new blog posts, or information and advice on remodeling or home building. Ensure all these posts appear in the form of teasers, with the end objective of getting users to click through your site to get complete access to the exciting content.

It works as a tool to connect with your audience:

By connecting with your subscribers and followers, you can invest in some social listening. When you can know your audience’s common pain points and queries, you can develop better solutions for them. It is the best way to get acquainted with your audience that ensures further sales.

It is an amplification platform for your brand:

Social media is a great forum to announce your company’s great news and share amazing content in the hands of people who want it. And turn most of them into your loyal customers.


Though getting your social media strategy off the ground is a bit of work. There are entrepreneurs, construction project managers, business owners, and more somewhere in those millions of people on social media. To put it plainly, your ideal buyer and your target audience is on social media. You should be too!

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