Custom Website Vs WordPress Website, Which is Better

You have heard about the importance of a website in business in the previous article, but do you know which sort of website is beneficial for your business? Don’t stop reading here we doing a complete clarity of custom website vs wordpress website.

However, if you are going to update your website or build it from scratch, you think once, either you go with a custom website or a WordPress because every website has its own pros and cons, and secondly, both are better at their own places. But it is imperative to take the final decision that which one technology is accurate for your business. Let’s discuss briefly:

Do You Know What Actually CMS is?

Before going ahead, first, solve the issue that you require a Content Management System (CMS) for your business or not, and what it is? Actually, the CMS is software that allows the user to edit your content without the need for any technical requirements.

From the developer’s angle, CMS provides a structure with a pre-configured core that can be protracted with plugins and themes. In short, CMS provides lots of perks to developers that can develop a website in the easiest way. CMS not only used to build websites but also can be used for other documentation like maintaining web content or others.

Hence, the CMS is mobile-friendly, quick deployment, budget-friendly, easy to maintain, and has a lot of functionalities like an extension of plugins. If we look only for CMS, so it gave lots of advantages and provides your website with a user-friendly experience; also it seems like a custom website if you choose the right developer that knows all the major and basic functionalities of the website.

After understanding what CMS is, it’s time to briefly describe what the custom website and what the WordPress website is, and to whom you should move with? Let’s move forward.

WordPress Website

If you do research and search websites, you already heard about WordPress. It is the global most popular CMS platform that people use most. According to the research of, about 60% of the website in the world are created on WordPress. In this type of websites, it is easy to find themes, templates, and plugins. It is also accessible to update content and new functionalities on your website.

Advantages of WordPress Website

  • Rank Higher

WordPress has different sort of plugins and tools for optimizing SEO content and is usually tends to rank higher for their keywords.

  • Mobile-Friendly 

In WordPress, you have a variety of mobile-friendly themes designs, and the user can also make the website mobile responsive with the help of a lot of plugins and tools.

  •  New Features

The best thing in WordPress is Plugins. Plugins offer you to add the specific functionalities in your website and provide an engulfing start as compared to other things that might take some time and effort.

  •  Fast Development 

In the WordPress development process, you can get your project quickly as compared to custom websites because, in WordPress, there are plugins to add them and pre-configured according to the client’s requirements.

  • Budget-Friendly 

One of the main reason for going with WordPress that it is very cost-effective and under your budget.

Disadvantages of WordPress Website

  • Steal Data

A WordPress website has the main disadvantage is that the hackers can easily hack your website and further steal your data but in one condition, they won’t be able to hack your website or spammed data if you do maintain it regularly.

Custom Website

Custom websites are developed from scratch with relevant programming languages. These websites are developed by professional developers that are amenable to doing work according to their business needs and requirements. There are no templates, or anything is used. All the things are developed in a new way, and with new ideas as per the client`s need and requirements.

Advantages of Custom Websites


  • Terrific Functionalities 

In custom websites, you can add lots of designing picture and feature to your website compared to WordPress websites.

  • User Experience 

Custom Websites are developed in an engaging way, accessible to users, and more adequate that provides a gratify and smooth experience to users.

  • Prevention from Hackers

In a custom website, it is strenuous to hack your website or steal data and content, because it will be built with custom code that is harder to crack it.

  • According to Business

This website is completely developed according to your business needs and ideas. Hence all the functionalities and styles are exactly according to your brand.

  • Manageable 

When you develop your website from scratch, so the website developer is aware of all functionalities and features of your website. so it is easily manageable and update your website to stay ahead of the curve.


Disadvantages of Custom Websites 

  • Costlier

The main noticeable disadvantage of the website that is a bit costlier as compared to a WordPress website.

What to Choose From Both of Them?

Both are the fit choices as their own places, but you just have to keep an eye on your business needs and goals. If you have a tight budget and you do not need a lot of high functionalities and don’t have too much time, then move with a WordPress website. On the other hand, if you are looking for a website that is highly customized, has a unique design, and all functionalities according to your desire, then you move with a custom website.


A website is a mandatory tool in your business, so choosing the best website and developers are the step of your business success. After considering your business goals and ideas, choose a website no matter its WordPress website or custom website. After choosing the website, then appoint an experienced developer that understands your business requirements and tries to move your business to greater heights.

If you think that the WordPress website or custom website is suitable for your business no matter what it is. ARTX PRO is here for you and our developers are ready to understand your business requirements, after understanding they build a website that is actually beneficial for your business and move your brand name forward to your competitors. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call now and discuss your goals!

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