Social Media Should Be Foremost Priority For My Business

Did you know that social media advertising revenue is forecasted to grow US$89.5 billion in 2019 and expected to grow US$138.4 billion by 2025? Also, social media advertising marketing is the second-largest market within digital advertising.

In digital marketing, there are many techniques to use and move your business to the peak. With the various digital marketing techniques, social media marketing is a successful strategy that you can use to sustain your business.

Many people use social media from a different point of view. Some of them use it as entertainment, some for exploring new things, and some are used for their business growth.

It is up to you that from which point of view you use it. People get a pile of perks from social media because they use it for their business growth. Social media is a great source of income. Thus the majority of people have used it, and they usually have one account on various platforms. Hence, they are staying active and keep in touch with the world all the time.

When a business thrives, and the audience knows their company name and services that they provide in their business. So is this act being possible without social media? Social media is a platform where abundant people are linkage with each other, it is the way you provide complete awareness about your services, your products, and anything which you like to share with your audience regarding your company.

But wait! What are you thinking? It’s just a way where you provide awareness about your company?

No! Social media marketing is not just the name to providing awareness about your business. It’s a strategy through which you can make people aware about your business, and when people become aware of your business, they visit your website to explore things. This tactic is also helpful to boost website traffic.

In this article, you will understand core points that why social media marketing is the foremost priority in your business. Let’s do deep dive in it:

Main Points That Social Media Marketing Should Be Foremost Priority for Your Business

If you make your mindset that you can spend your valuable time and bucks on social media marketing, first gather appropriate information about the benefit of social media marketing. Here are the main good reasons that you can hop in it and swiftly started:

Improve Brand Awareness

People like your brand and trust your services if they see that you always stay active and share valuable stuff. About 90% of people use social media to communicate directly with other businesses. It is the most profitable and stress-free marketing platform and assists in boost your brand’s visibility and recognition if you can do it engagingly and adequately.

Hence, having a social media page for your brand will provide many perks to your business and helps to increase the audience in zero time. Once if your brand affix in the customer’s eye, they’ll remember it at the time of purchasing and becomes more consistent and recognizable.

Linkage with Customers

By staying active on different social media platforms, you can easily engage with your customer. Different social media platforms are ways for engaging and interacting with the audience. Once you get engaged with customers, you effortlessly communicate with your entire audience, and then you quickly get linkage and convey your brand message to them.

Gradually, your business starts reaching a valuable audience who trust your business and interested in attaining your products or services. This is a fascinating way of customer engagement that you should keep maintain by appropriately doing social media on various platforms.


Marketing via social media is a very cost-effective technique. You make your account easily on various platforms and effortlessly explore all the trending things in the entire globe. Suppose you want to increase your business at a reasonable cost and very swiftly.

To escalate up business quickly and effortlessly, social media marketing is viable. Once you invest your time and bucks for this, you will earn more from this. Hence, it is a grand scheme where you increase your ROI and grasp more audience.

Increase in Traffic

Once you gain the audience’s trust and make your brand place in their hearts, so traffic will automatically increase on your website. If you upload a generic post with unique content, they click on your post and then appear on your website.

This act is beneficial to increase your web traffic, and when the many audiences come to your website, your website automatically starts ranking and commences in generating revenue for you.

Get Better Brand Authority

Brand authority leads a pivotal role in every business. Having appropriate branding is mandatory. Hence, brand authority is the name of the trust you gain about your business for your audience by providing them with proper unique services or products.

So, now the question is how you could gain your audience’s trust?

Social media marketing is the way where you gain trust by providing your audience with compelling posts, unique content and answer their questions if they might have. If you interact with your audience and answer all their queries, they trust your business and your products or services.

Final Words

Brand Awareness, engagement with customers, More Traffic, Brand Authority, and availability at mandatory prices are enough to prioritize social media to your business. As you know, social media is a very effective marketing strategy and helps to enlighten your business furtherly. Also, it has plenty of options to expand your business with its various techniques. You can commence marketing on different platforms like:

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

So, what are you thinking? Are you ready to move with this campaign that is getting tons of benefits from social media? Hire today an empirical team that takes an interest in boosting your business and doing marketing with a beneficial scheme just like an Artx Pro!

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Social Media Agency Vs. In-House Social Media Team

Every moment of our life is documented on social media today. It is almost an unsaid rule now, that you must have social media identity that is in line with the work you do. Because social media offers an equal and open ground for all and you can make the most out of it. If you want to scale up your social media marketing, you will need efficient staff that can take charge of and executes your strategy. But should you create your own in-house social media team or hire an agency partner? There are enthralling reasons for both, and it mostly depends on your situation. Stay with me to figure out which decision is better for you.

In-House vs. Agency… what is the difference? 

In-house social media marketing revolves around an internal marketing team, which your company maintains to market your business.

Working with an agency is quite different. Social media agency uses an outsourced or external marketing team, which you pay to use in marketing your business.

In-House Social Media Marketing:

Building an internal marketing team to manage, develop, and execute your social media marketing strategy. It comes with few advantages. As a general rule, an in-house team provides the authority with a tighter and more focused team.


The benefits of in-house marketing include:

Employees are more focused:

In-house marketing teams focus solely on your business. While the agency will learn your brand first and then dedicate employees and time to its marketing strategy. There are also chances that the team assigned to your project most likely works with other clients too.

Juggling multiple responsibilities means the agency you are partnered with may not be able to invest 100% with your company. But keep in mind if an agency is working with multiple clients at a time, may still have the potential to achieve your business goals.

Brand familiarity:

When you have an in-house team, they know your brand, which reflects all their marketing decisions and materials. While agencies will take time to learn your company’s value, tone, and overall brand.

More autonomy:

As a social media manager, you will have the responsibility only for your brand’s audience. In an agency, you need to report to several clients from different industries. This gives you more autonomy to make changes, experiment without consulting stakeholders, and diversify strategies.


Building an in-house team comes with some drawbacks, though, including:

You might miss diversity:

Working with one brand only might make you lose interest in time. Though working in-house helps you understand better and stay focused. But boredom may knock at the door from time to time to see if you are up for a challenge.

More expense on resources:

Creating an in-house team working on social media marketing can sometimes turn out to be more expensive. It sometimes may lead to tunnel vision where the team members are so driven by company emotions and values that they are unable to foresee any shortcomings.


When you can scale your business and marketing efforts, it is a tremendous benefit. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for in-house teams to scale than agency teams.

With in-house marketing, you have limited resources and limited staff. To scale your efforts, you need to either hire another team member or decrease work, which takes time.

Outsourcing to Social Media Agency:

Social media marketing agencies are companies that help other businesses by performing a specific function, development, marketing, or design. They act as a great substitute for an in-house team, serving the same labor function but outside the organization.


Here are the advantages of working with a social media marketing agency:

Diverse skills:

When you hire an agency, you are not hiring just one employee. You are hiring a whole team, which may sometimes be ten or more employees.

Working with the agency may help you with SEO, you may find that they have experts that can help in producing content or even designers that can assist you to improve your user experience. This provides more perspective and flexibility in your work.

Transparent vetting:

While hiring in-house, it gets difficult to accurately wet the quality of hire. References turn out to be useful, but employers choose to stay on the safe side and give a positive reference to prevent any potential legal trouble.

However, in agencies, clients are very vocal and transparent if the agency has underperformed. You can easily excess client’s reviews about a particular agency on their websites before deciding to work with them.


Scaling a business isn’t easy. The key challenges that come with scaling are:

  • Getting the right talent
  • Getting enough new customers

Partnering with the right agency can help you achieve these two scaling challenges.

Software and tools:

When hiring an agency, your company doesn’t need to worry about researching and purchasing marketing tools. Your agency will have all the access to marketing tools already. Marketing agencies also have marketing software that makes tracking and measuring your marketing campaign easier


Working with a social media marketing agency does come with its baggage of drawbacks, including:


Organizations that prefer to complete authority over their marketing campaign will encounter some growing pains when working with a social media marketing agency. This is because agencies tend to work with some freedom.

Always keep in mind, trusting your agency can also help your organization reduce the bottlenecks that come with outsourcing marketing.


You can find several marketing agencies across the world, which becomes a drawback for companies that want to work with a local marketing company. For instance, maybe you find the perfect agency for your company, but they are across the country. And this situation can get challenging when aligning schedules.

If you decide to hire an agency in a different time zone, choose the one that has experience with such client relationships.


Whether you hire an agency or build your own in-house team, it will come down to your unique situation. You need to consider all the variables like cost, your market, and most importantly your ability to create a great team. Also, remember that it doesn’t have to be a binary decision. The best route to success may be a combination of few in-house hires supplemented with a social media marketing agency.

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