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A corporate video is best described as explainer videos with a variety of video formats, including promotional videos, training tutorials, and conference videos. Unlike traditional commercial advertising videos, corporate office videos are aimed at a particular target market, such as stakeholders or new hires. Plus, it can also be called a method of internal or external corporate communication between offices.

The best corporate video production services include planning, filming, and editing all types of video requests. You can expect your corporate video maker to help you finalize the concept of your video, film it, and then edit the raw parts to produce a polished version that is launch-ready....

Artx Pro offers to produce corporate videos that will resonate with your target audience. Whether its purpose is to show stakeholders your financial results or a new product idea, you can ask for any kind of video. We can help you with corporate introduction videos, whether it’s part of your onboarding process for new employees or to attract new investors.

If there’s an event you have to shoot, we also provide corporate event videography services. Our experts are ready to offer their expertise to help you showcase your company event in the best way possible.

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Best Corporate Video 

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Leveraging the latest, cutting-edge technologies, Artx Pro serves its clients with exceptional video production services. For startups and enterprises, as well as Fortune 500 companies, we have a team of professionals ready to design corporate videos for your business needs.

As the best video production company, we provide a range of services following video creation. From planning to filming and editing, we do it all for you. With strategic video counseling, our experts understand your video goals, before bringing your concepts to life, and editing the films to create the final version that’s ready to distribute....

We are a video production house, with years of experience creating high quality, attention-grabbing videos for a variety of purposes. Whether it’s creating a promotional video for a product launch or a training video for employees, a conference video, or internal communication video, we have the expertise to lend a hand.

You can ring us for 3-D, 2-D and motion graphics editing, concept, scripting, and creative assistance, or for our full audio recording services. Whether it’s shooting a video on location or in a studio, the best corporate video agency can meet your requirements and ensure a video that will help you meet your business goals.

Inspire Your Customer

Through Corporate Video

Corporate videos aren’t just about sharing your financial updates with your company stakeholders. They are also a way for you to engage your audience. You can educate your customers on your new creations or on how to use your products best.

One way to educate the masses is through social media platforms like Facebook or YouTube, even Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can reach out to the target market, build awareness around your brand, user engagement, and more. Targeting platforms where your audience lives is one thing all digital marketers advise....

On the other hand, embedding videos in blog posts is also a way to educate your audience. Not only does it increase the engagement around your blog, but it also helps you boost the ranking of your corporate webpage on search engines. You can transcribe your corporate videos in the form of a blog post below the video and provide your visitors a choice on how they want to take in your content.

Additionally, if the aim is to inspire your consumers, then animated videos are what you need. Artx Pro can help you create unique and interactive animated videos that encourage your visitors to take the final step and close the deal.!

FAQ Related To Corporate Video Service

What is a corporate video?

Corporate videos define the internal and external video communications between corporations. Unlike traditional, commercial video advertisements, corporate videos are created for a specific target audience, instead of the general public. These videos have a variety of themes, including training videos for new hires, promotional videos for new product lines or services offered, and more.

How much time it takes to shoot corporate video?

The total time for shooting a corporate video range from up to one day to several days, even weeks. It depends on the video requirements, its concept, storyline, and more. The purpose and deadline also play a role in determining the timeline. So, while a training video may be finished within a day, shooting a video at a different location may take more time.

What software’s we use to edit corporate video?

We offer our clients launch-ready products, meaning we edit your videos to smooth out the rough edges and create exceptional quality, final products. To edit your videos, we use cutting-edge technology and software, including Sony Vegas, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and more.

What equipment’s needed for corporate video?

We guarantee to use the latest technology in the market to create phenomenal corporate videos. Whether it’s for training your employees or advertising a product or service, we deliver corporate videos that engage your target audience. To fulfill our promises, we use 4K, 6K, 8K cinematography cameras, or film cameras to produce all our digital animations.

What is Different between corporate video and Documentary video?

Corporate videos and documentaries are entirely different types of video formats. Where corporate videos follow carefully crafted scripts, including dialogs and actions, documentary videos are more ‘natural.’ Documentaries showcase relatable, real-life aspects of people behind the brand, while corporate videos are an idealized version aimed at inciting and motivating the viewer.

How much time we take to deliver it?

Since Corporate videos is an umbrella term that covers a variety of video formats, our delivery time depends on the type of video it is. Ideally, we take 15 to 25 days to deliver. But it may vary, depending on the project goals, your business needs, the video length, and more.

What approximate cost of corporate video?

Corporate video costs depend on the type of video it is. That said, the total expenses depend on the style and scope of the video, as well as client requirements, the video purpose, and its time duration. A 60-second video may cost less than a video lasting 2 or 5 minutes.

How many Steps in corporate video?

Production of any video can be divided into three main steps: Pre-production, filming, and editing. The pre-production stage is where the clients (that’s you), sit with the designers and developers (that’s us) and discuss your video’s concept, goals, timeline, and more. Then begins the filming and then editing to polish it.

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