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An explainer video is a short animated video utilized by organizations and businesses to tell their brand’s story uniquely. Companies are investing in the best explainer video services because, through storytelling, you can humanize your brand and can give your customers a reason to care about your business. There are different types of explainer videos, each tailored to different audiences. From screencast videos to 2d explainer videos, whiteboard animation explainer video to simple explanation video animation service, you have a variety of options at your disposal....

If you are unsure where to start or how to convey your message without it seeming boring or too wordy, an explainer video is the answer. It is a great way to initiate a conversation about yourself while giving the customer the right amount of information they need.

It is a marketing technique used to explain your company’s product or service. Explainer videos are often placed on the homepage of your website or a more prominent product page. Whether your business is big or small, explainer videos are a great way to make conversion sales. It is why, in today’s digital age, explainer videos are a must-have for any brand that plans to go online.

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It can be difficult finding the right company that understands your needs and brings your ideas to life. Luckily for you, Artx Pro is well-known for its ability to craft and turn your ideas into a reality. Artx Pro provides the finest animated explainer video production services, at an affordable rate. Simply, invest, and achieve a lot by partnering with the best explainer video company.

We are known to produce each video according to your needs and demands professionally. With your vision and our expertise, we will help you create and tell your story to your audience. Artx Pro is the only explainer video production agency that assures you a prominent digital presence through our videos. Not only is our work professional, but it also guarantees to hold your viewers’ attention.

FAQ Related To Explainer Video Service

What is explainer video?

Explainer videos are marketing videos that help explain your company’s vision, product, or service. These types of videos are an extremely popular choice if your main goal is to increase your conversion rates. There are different types of explainer videos, 2d explainer videos, whiteboard animation explainer video, etc. Each caters to a different need.

What software we use to edit Animated video?

Our expert video makers are highly skilled and professional when it comes to animations. Their experience enables them to be experts in various software like Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, etc.

How much time we take to deliver it?

Most animated videos take from 4 to 8 weeks to produce. However, if its custom made, then it may take longer, and it depends on the project itself. Although template videos only take a few days as they are not designed from scratch, but use pre-designed graphics.

Where we use/display explainer video?

Explainer videos can be useful on many platforms. However, there are specific places where they can work better than any other marketing technique. For example, in a sales pitch. Through an explainer video, you can start your sales pitch, and explain the core value proposition of your product through an engaging, exciting, and creative way. You can also use them at a trade show or convention. Lastly, another great way to use explainer videos is in recruitment drives. The best way to let your new employees know about your company’s objective and visions is through storytelling and explainer videos are a way to achieve that goal.

How many types of explainer video is?

There are various types of explainer videos. Each video caters to a specific goal and a specific audience. Types include, but are not limited to, 2d explainer videos, whiteboard animation explainer video, simple explanation video animation service, and screencast video, etc.

How long/duration of explainer should be?

Normally an explainer video is about one to two minutes long. Research shows anything longer than that results in an average view drop. However, it depends upon the video type and its content.

What is process of demo video?

Like every other creative content, explainer video also starts from a concept. It is where we brainstorm ideas with you. Then we write a script about what the content of the video will contain and how it will be shown. Once its approved, we work on the storyboard and then frame style of the video. We then work on voice overs and animations, the part where your video begins to come to life. The last step includes working on the sound of the entire video.

What thing is required from client to make demo video?

Mainly your ideas and concept. What product you want to promote, your main goal, and vision with the explainer video. The client should also provide the content of the video. Each step receives the client’s approval before finalization. Therefore, if you are unsatisfied with the work, you can get it changed or improved.

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