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As technology is progressing, marketers are catching up with it. No business is completed without investing in advertising video services because in case you’re unaware, video marketing is changing the entire advertisement industry. An interactive demo video is where your viewers get to direct the flow of the video by choosing what they want to see next. Endorsing in the best product video services gives you the opportunity to be more inviting, engaging with your content, that too, in a memorable way.

Your brand is more likely to increase its conversion rates by utilising video demo services. The best part is that interactive videos work on Android, iOS, web browsers, you name it. As far as customer-led marketing is concerned, making use of video editing services is extremely effective if you want to make your product, brand, campaign stand out.

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Picking the best product demo video company can be quite a challenge, but with Artx Pro professional services you don’t have to look further. In choosing Artx Pro video production agency you are choosing services that will fit your specific needs.

We understand that nothing explains your brand better than a good, creative, and unique product demo video. Therefore, we ensure 100% customer satisfaction by broadcasting all crucial aspects of your product in fewer words and more visuals. It doesn’t matter if you are an established brand or new in the market, we specialize in producing comprehensive content that is true to your brand and its story. There is no vision that is too complex for us. We are capable of designing content that will turn your potential customers into actual buyers by providing them a better understanding of what you offer.

FAQ Related To Product Demo Video Service

What is a product demo video?

A product demo video outlines how your product functions through demonstration. Demo videos are a convincing method to show your clients how your products work. It is one of the four common types of video marketing strategy that allows your brand to describe your product through visuals instead of simple words.

What do we make interactive product demo videos?

First we will understand the concept of your product and what you want. Then we work on the script that will mainly deal with demonstrating how your product works. After this we will work on sound design and edits. Once the video is produced, we put it through a process of reviewing by our clients. When we receive your feedback, we will make the required changes, if any. Lastly, once all things are approved by the client we will deliver the video to you.

How much time do we take to deliver it?

There are a few factors that influence the production process of each video. Every product demo video usually takes between 4-6 weeks. Time can vary between different projects and the nature of that project. In addition to this, the type of video, 2D, 3D or animation, will also contribute towards how long it takes.

Why is Demo video important?

Demo videos are important because it is a unique way to demonstrate to your audience how your product works. It’s an instruction video that is a step by step guide, which also explains your unique selling points in the quickest way possible. Demo videos are a great way that lead to conversion sales.

How many types of demo videos are there?

There are three main types of demo videos. Record videos, meaning, a pre-recorded step by step walkthrough of your product. A live-video, a live step by step walkthrough via live video sessions and lastly, an overview demo video. It is a brief overview of what your product does, without extra details.

What is the process of demo video?

The process of a demo video describes a problem, your product, and then follows with how your product provides a solution. An important aspect of the video is to show how the product works, without delving into a lot of details. It is like a tutorial that provides the audience with a clear call-to-action.

What things are required from clients to make demo videos?

We require the clients to tell us about their product that will be the main content of the video. Their vision on how they want the video to be dictated. The type of video they want and step-by-step instructions explaining what the product is about and how to work with it.

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