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iOS and Android are two significant platforms, with approximately 95% of the mobile app market, but Android has a majority of the share. Opting for Android mobile app development services can help enterprises and startups establish their presence among a global audience.

At one time, businesses were focused on optimizing their websites for the mobile platform. Now, Times have changed, again. And, it’s not enough to have an address on the World Wide Web. For businesses to survive the growing competitive market, entrepreneurs need to invest in mobile app development.

The best Android app development services comprise full-cycle development, including business analysis, MVP development, and post-launch maintenance services. Additionally, it’s not limited to Android smartphones; you can invest in applications optimized for Android tablets, wearables, and Android TV.

With smartphones growing into an integral aspect of our lives, users demand mobile apps that offer full-functionalities and enhanced experiences.

Artx Pro offers a cheap Android app development service to help startups and Fortune 500 companies alike, to develop exceptional Android apps with a seamless UI that provides a phenomenal user experience. We have experts that understand the intricacies and demands of the Android platform and strive to provide you with a reliable digital product that will take your business to new heights.

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Artx Pro is the best Android app development company on the Eastern side of the world. We offer the best app development services, leveraging the latest technologies to help enterprises and startups generate a higher ROI.

With years of experience, we’ve got the expertise to provide innovative solutions for your business needs. Whether it’s a gaming app you need to develop or a health app, an on-demand service, or an e-commerce Android app, we can help you overcome any challenge in Android app development.

As a software development company, we serve our clients with full-cycle, custom, Android app development services, including mobile strategy, UI/UX design, testing, launching, and maintaining. We guarantee to keep you involved during development, allowing you to provide your input to change app design or features, and stay updated with the project status.

We don’t just build mobile apps; instead, we build relationships with our clients, helping you plan the best marketing strategy, and supporting your Android app after launch.

Android app development brings immense challenges, from the complexity of the platform to its fragmentation issues. But we are the best Android app development agency in the industry, and our agile development process helps us ensure our clients get their money’s worth.

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