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Corporate identity defines how your brand is recognized and remembered by your target market. It is comprised of various visual elements, including logos, taglines, colors, and fonts. Most often, brand image and corporate identity are considered interchangeable, but they are two distinct concepts.

Where brand image relates to your users’ experience with the brand, corporate identity signifies the company’s vision, values, and purpose. In simple terms, ‘identity’ is how you define yourself, but ‘image’ is others’ perception of you.

An efficient brand marketing strategy ensures that the gap between your corporate identity and brand image is as little as possible. As minimal, the gap, the more effective will be your branding. Plus, consistency in your visual elements is vital for your business. It displays professionalism and sends a coherent message that reflects your company goals and values....

Business cards design, print collateral, logo design service, and more are part of your corporate identity. You can even expect your digital marketing agency to provide social network profileservices.

Artx Pro offers the best corporate identity services for startups and enterprises around the world. If you need business cards designed or a logo, set up a social network cover image design, and more, we are here to help!

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Artx Pro is known as the best corporate identity design company in Pakistan. As a creative and branding service company, we provide various services, including logo design, branding strategy consultation and execution, and more. If you want a digital marketing agency for your brand image and corporate identity, then we’re your best bet!

FAQ Related To Corporate Identity Service

What is a corporate identity?

Corporate identity is how a brand chooses to represent itself to the general public. Unlike company branding that is responsible for creating an emotional connection with the target market, corporate identity is purely the physical representation of the brand via logos, titles, and more.

Why people do corporate identity?

Corporate identity ensures that your target market remembers and recognizes your brand among the competition. It gives an impression to the audience that your company is here to stay. A notable corporate identity also helps you improve customer awareness and gives you a competitive edge.

Is logo design part of corporate identity?

Multiple elements make up your corporate identity, but the most significant ones are:

  • Logo
  • Typeface
  • Imagery
  • Brand Guidelines

Visual elements, as mentioned above, as well as your color scheme, are what the audience retains in their memory. Thus, these four factors are integral to your branding strategy.

What is brand guideline?

Brand guidelines can be described as the style guide that ensures your brand remains uniform and consistent in all its marketing campaigns. They are a set of rules for your designers to help them understand your company history, its vision, values, and personality.

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