Create An Elegant Video For Your Social Media Platforms

November 9, 2020 admin

In social media, video plays an essential part in a successful, long-term content marketing strategy. Video content is what is operates the internet today to a great extent. More brands are using video to interact with their target audience and develop a relationship with them. What makes the video even more main for content marketers is its arise development on media. The sharing of video and views across different social platforms has only grown over the years. Today the social media users are absorbing video content more than before, mostly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, that’s mean the social media demand for video content is ever enlarged, even though it is still at a budding stage. Using video in your social media platform can seem disconcerting, but if you follow some basic rules and regulations, you will be an expert. If you want to create a video that gets views, helps in convert sales, follow some of these best practices.

Social Media Video in Business

Business size is doesn’t matter in this, if you haven’t got social media video seriously, it’s time about you think it because if you do not lift social media video marketing to enlarge your business, you are understandably leaving money on the desk.

If you are unaware of the fastest magnification of social media video, then you should take an important look at the numbers, which continue to grow day and night.

  • Approximately 94% of Twitter videos are on the go from the mobile device.
  • Over the last 3 years, YouTube branded video content is virtually doubled.
  • On live Facebook, videos are received more than 10k comments.
Social Media Videos

Uploads The Native Video Content

In social media, Facebook is the best place to share videos and interact with your targeted audience. On Facebook, try to upload and share the native videos instead of posting YouTube links directly. Because it has been found that native videos perform much better as compared to the YouTube links.

YouTube videos need to be manually played, while the native videos played automatically when you scroll down as your feed. This procedure will also helpful to you to take the benefit of these platforms, algorithms; as they are measured to favor native video content. Make an effort to directly upload your videos, and further you see your social visibility and increase of engagement.

Start 10 Second Is Countable

You can gain the attention of your audience within the start of 10 seconds of your video. When you start designing the video content, keep in mind that an audience may leave instantly in a few seconds so you want to write that script and design your start video content in that way that your audience stays till the end of the video.

According to the great research, most of the viewer you lose within the maximum first 30 or 20 seconds, so as we discuss above you make video content that the viewer stay active till the end so that you are able to bring the real potential of your video. Do not ignore to add the subtitles in your video and make sure your video subtitles must be easily readable.

Be Attentive On Telling a Story

Products are changing, people are changing, people have always been hesitant with hard-selling, generally don’t like to get assail with cold-calls or television ads, that are very unimportant. In simply, hard selling is not beneficial.

Now telling the story is turned into the new and most powerful sales pitch that is getting real-world results and helps in connection with your targeted audience. If your focus on storytelling the right way, you should add value to your social media video content, it’s to create your brand strong that your audience can relate to.

To make social media video content is a great idea for the growth of your brand in a positive light. Your brand has its own personality; you can bring out by using storytelling.


It’s time to think adversely about your brand development and achieve the goals for your brand. For this you want to take an audience-oriented approach, so you must work to make your videos approachable. Making short videos, upload the native video content, adding the subtitles, you will build your pieces more attractive according to your hope. Don’t forget to make a versatility of video. However, you want to tell a story, increase your brand value, or promote your video directly, there are a look and beautifulness that suits your needs.

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